Descriptions of Board Member & Committee Positions:

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Board Positions:


(1 Year as Elect, 1 Year Active Term, 1 Year as Past President)
The role of the President-Elect, President and Past-President is to provide leadership to the board and ensure that key strategic goals of the society are met such as the running of the annual meeting. The President is the leader of the board and provides key strategic leadership, however to ensure that there is continuation of the mission of SBI2 we have the position of President-Elect and Past-President, with the elect position a great opportunity find your feet in this important leadership role and the past-president to provide support and advice. These 3 Presidential roles are important to the smooth operation of the society made up of volunteer’s.

The President-Elect shall serve for one year following the election year and then a one-year term as President, and finally a one-year term as Past-President. The President-Elect shall assist the President in the discharge of the President’s duties, as the President may direct, and shall perform such other duties as assigned by the President or the Board.


3-year term
The Treasurer is an executive position on the Board of Directors and is responsible for tracking ongoing financial events of the Society, including monitoring membership dues, paying invoices, collection of sponsor and vendor payments, and keeping account of the cash reserves of the Society. The Treasurer must have a working understanding of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP or U.S. GAAP), and preferably previous experience managing the finances of a non-profit group or commercial operation. The Treasurer shall serve initially as Treasurer-Elect for one-year, followed by a term of two years as Treasurer. The Treasurer is one of two persons able to draw on the Society bank accounts (the other being the President) as necessary.

Board member (Councilor): 3 Open Positions

3-year term
Councilors are active members of the Board of Directors and function to promote and critique matters relevant to the Society, such as where and when scientific meetings should be planned, expenditures such as educational offerings, membership initiatives and other opportunities to expand and strengthen the Society.

Other responsibilities for this position may include assisting with marketing activities related to advertising and promoting the annual meeting, recruiting vendors and sponsors to support Society events, and assembling materials for the conference program and Society website.

2019 Committees:

SBI2 standards committee

A key responsibility of a scientific professional society is to develop scientific and technical guidelines that improve the robustness of research, increase transparency and improve trust.  For imaging science, there are many aspects that require attention.  Experimental design, reagents (particularly antibodies), image acquisition and processing, feature selection as assay measurements, image retention guidelines and reporting of experimental data and metadata are all matters of great importance.  The SBI2 standards committee will evaluate matters relating to each all aspects of experimental and data processing matters to insure that results communicated from imaging methods are accurate and openly communicated.

SBI2 educational committee

Image-based experiments present conceptual and technical challenges to students and professionals that are new to the field.  The Educational Committee is charged with coordinating existing resources and developing new ones, including materials from SBI2 training courses.  Material will be made available to members through the web site.  Educational offerings will include guidelines developed by the Standards Committee

SBI2 membership committee

SBI2 wants to expand its membership to include experts in image-based experiments and to those just starting to learn about how to develop such studies.  This includes members from academia and industry, to have a strong international presence and to be inclusive of persons from all backgrounds.  The membership committee will reach out to all potential members of the Society.

SBI2 Annual meeting planning committee;

The Annual Meeting is the core of the most active week for the Society of the year.  This week also includes a Board of Directors meeting and the Annual General Meeting, a public meeting to discuss the financial and business highlights of the year that is required of all charitable organizations.  The Annual Meeting Planning Committee will identify Chairs of the scientific and educational sessions of the conference, recruit marketing and logistical support, secure the conference facility, solicit support from sponsors and attend to additional matters as needed.  Total support for the meeting will be a group effort, but the committee will play a critical role in tracking and delegating work.

SBI2 Regional meeting planning committee

The Regional Meeting Planning Committee will function very similarly to the Annual Meeting Committee, but will work with a host organization (a university or an industrial group) to host a one-day meeting with a minimal cost to participants.  This formula has worked well in the past.  The goal of the committee would be to plan one or more meetings in 2019.

SBI2 Marketing committee

The Marketing Committee participates in all public activities, including meetings and membership efforts, partnering with specific marketing efforts, such as for the Annual Meeting.  Marketing includes contacting the membership about upcoming activities, using social media to alert others about such activities and about the Society in general.  The committee will also develop branding materials, such as conference fliers, for these events.

SBI2 Website & Communication committee

The Website and Communication committee will work with the Marketing Committee to help promote Society activities, host and provide materials developed by the Education Committee, and provide guidance as suggested by the Standards Committee.  The committee will work with the Marketing Committee to draft communications, newsletters and other information to be distributed to SBI2 and generally.

SBI2 Bylaws Committee

SBI2 is a 501(c)(3) charitable (non-profit) organization. In order for SBI2 to maintain this privilege, we are expected to maintain transparency of our operations including finances, elections and membership levels.  In order to meet these demands, SBI2 codifies its practices in bylaws that define how the society will operate.  The SBI2 Bylaws Committee is responsible for monitoring ongoing events, such as the call for nominations for open positions, and advising the Board of Directors and the Society members as necessary of how such matters need to be constructed in order to remain compliant.  The committee has an advisory role.

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