Meet the current Society board

Executive Positions

Myles Fennell
Myles FennellPresident
Myles is a scientific leader in genomic, protein and small molecule screens using CRISPR, RNAi and pharmacology approaches for target discovery and screening with applications in oncology, neuroscience and developmental processes. He specializes in High-Content screening, image analysis and 3D biology.

Associate Director Neuroscience and Platform Biology
Arvinas, New Haven, CT

Steve Titus
Steve TitusSecretary
Steve is a Scientific Project Leader at GSK and is a cell-based assay specialist. He has over 15 years experience in high throughput screening and high content imaging. Previously he has worked at the National Center for Advanced Translational Sciences (NCATS), GE Healthcare and NIH Chemical Genomics Center.

Discovery Biology Automation
Collegeville, PA

Jeff Haskins
Jeff HaskinsTreasurer
Jeff is currently an Executive Director of Global In Vitro Toxicology at Charles River Laboratories. He has over 30 years experience in cellular imaging and toxicology. Jeff was previously a senior research associate at Pfizer in the Discovery Toxicology Group and R&D Director at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Executive Director, Global In Vitro Toxicology
Charles River Laboratories, Cleveland, OH

Steve Haney
Steve HaneyPast President
Steve has been involved with SBI2 since the inception of the society and was president of the board in 2018.

Indiana Biosciences Research Center
Indianapolis, IN

Ann HoffmanPresident Elect
Ann was elected in December as president elect for 2019. She has been a pivotal member of the council and society for several years and is currently an investigator at GSK.

Collegeville, PA

Debra NickischerSecretary Elect
Debby was elected Secretary Elect of SBI2 for 2019 and has been heavily involved in the board and society over several years. She is currently the director of the clinical research support lab at Yale.

Director, Clinical Research Support Laboratory
Yale University Cancer Center
New Haven, CT


Beth Cimini
Broad Institute
Michael Mancini
Baylor College of Medicine
Shannon Mumenthaler
University of Southern California
Judi Wardwell
In Sphero
Neil Carragher
The University of
David Gebhard
David Gebhard LLC
Todd Shelper
Griffith University
Bartek Rajwa
Purdue University



Michael Halter
Julie Li
Thierry Dorval
Liz Rubitski
Steve Titus


Kaylene Simpson
Myles Fennell

Jeff Haskins
Todd Shelper
Steve Titus

Educational committee

Bartek Rajwa
Dave Gebhardt
Debby Nickisher

Marketing and Vendor Communications

Justin Boyd
Judi Wardwell
Debby Nickisher
Mike Mancini


Steve Titus
Steve Haney
Jeff Haskins
Myles Fennell
Joe Trask
Ann Hoffman