Scientific Programmer/Analyst

Junior Data Analyst: This is an entry-level role ideal for a candidate who wants to develop skills in data science, data analysis, and data engineering in the very dynamic domain of biotechnology. 

Under the direction of the Director of Data Science and in collaboration with scientists and research assistants, the incumbent will use licensed and home-developed software to explore and visualize client-ready visualizations of cell biology, microscopy, genomics, and other data for inclusion in client-ready reports.

This position will play a key role integrating data sources from advanced microscopy systems, automated liquid handling systems, and other sources to generate reliable statistical analyses of data and clear visualizations. You will combine analytical thinking, programming skills, and organization with a production mindset to create publication-quality data visualizations and reports from lab assay data. You will take ownership of data analysis on multiple on-going projects from the raw data through reporting, working with scientists to implement changes.


  • BS in a quantitative field or BS in life sciences with experience in quantitative work
  • Demonstrated experience using Python to analyze and visualize data
  • Education and experience in statistics
  • Working knowledge of clustering, PCA, ranking, ML/AI approaches to image data analysis
  • Ability to prioritize delivery of data analysis reports in timely manner in a production environment
  • Experience manipulating tabular data in Excel and Python
  • Experience with several of these python libraries: python, sqlite3, opencv, scikit-learn, scikit-image, scipy, numpy
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work on-site full time
  • Experience with code repositories


  • Working knowledge of SQL queries
  • Experience merging, computing with, and visualizing tabular data
  • Working knowledge of Prism, JMP, tableau or other data visualization and exploration packages
  • Experience preparing figures for scientific publications
  • Knowledge of optical microscopy, cell biology, biochemistry, genomics
  • Knowledge of image processing and analysis tools

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