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Educational links to information and forums related to all things high content, bioinformatics, microscopy and research

  • ASSAY and Drug Development Technologies

    Delivering the latest industry insight into innovative early-stage research, techniques, and tools for optimizing new pharmaceutical development.
  • Assay Guidance Manual – High content screening Chapter

    Automated microscopes are now widespread in biological research. They enable the unprecedented collection of images at a rate which outpaces researchers’ ability to visually inspect them.

  • CellProfiler

    The CellProfiler project team is based in the Cimini Lab at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. The project was started in 2003 by Anne E. Carpenter and Thouis (Ray) Jones in the Sabatini Laboratory (Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research) and Golland laboratory (MIT’s CSAIL) and is actively improved and maintained.

  • CytoData Society

    The CytoData society (CytoDS) builds and maintains an active community around image-based profiling of biological phenotypes induced by genetic, chemical or other perturbations of biological systems.

  • Derek Lowe’s Drug Discovery Blog

    Derek Lowe’s commentary on drug discovery and the pharma industry. An editorially independent blog, all content is Derek’s own, and he does not in any way speak for his employer.

  • European Microscopy Society

    The EMS promotes the use and the quality of advanced microscopy in all its aspects in Europe, with particular reference to developments in instrumentation and methodology and novel applications of all types of microscopy. No form of microscopy is excluded.

  • Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening

    The Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) is an international professional society of academic, industry and government researchers as well as developers and providers of laboratory automation technology and tools.

  • The Open Microscopy Environment

    OME is a consortium of universities, research labs, industry and developers producing open-source software and format standards for microscopy data.

  • The Royal Microscopical Society

    We are the only truly international microscopical society, drawing distinguished members from all over the world. We serve the needs of our company members who represent all the major manufacturers and suppliers of microscopes, equipment and services.

  • µlist – A resource for light microscopists

    Microlist is a searchable database of listings for people who use light and electron microscopes.

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