JUMP Cell Painting dataset: morphological impact of 136,000 chemical and genetic perturbations

Image-based profiling has emerged as a powerful technology for various steps in basic biological and pharmaceutical discovery, but the community has lacked a large, public reference set of data from chemical and genetic perturbations. Here we present data generated by the Joint Undertaking for Morphological Profiling (JUMP)-Cell Painting Consortium, a collaboration between 10 pharmaceutical companies, six supporting technology companies, and two non-profit partners. When completed, the dataset will contain images and profiles from the Cell Painting assay for over 116,750 unique compounds, over-expression of 12,602 genes, and knockout of 7,975 genes using CRISPR-Cas9, all in human osteosarcoma cells (U2OS). The dataset is estimated to be 115 TB in size and capturing 1.6 billion cells and their single-cell profiles.

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