Heba Sailem

University of Oxford

Heba is a Sir Henry Wellcome Research Fellow at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Oxford. Before joining Oxford, she obtained her PhD at the Institute of Cancer Research in London with Prof Chris Bakal. She has extensive expertise in biomedical imaging and high throughput screening. Her focus is on developing machine learning approaches for automated and comprehensive analysis of large-scale genetic and drug screening datasets. For example, she developed KCML to predict gene functions based on phenotypic screens based on siRNA and CRISPR screens. She has also developed several new image analysis and deep learning algorithms. These include a profiling of vascular network morphology and single cell detection in wound healing assays.

She is an active member of the Early Career Section committee at the Royal Microscopy Society where she participated in setting up the committee and promoting ECR in microscopy career progression.