James Finley


Jim is a Principal Scientist in the Investigative Toxicology group in Drug Safety R&D at Pfizer where he has been since 2000. The Investigative Tox group is a small team that does deep dive investigations into specific toxicity issues and builds safety de-risking models for programs across all therapeutic areas. As the “imaging expert”, he specializes in imaging-based assays for target identification/evaluation, drug activity, biodistribution, cell viability, toxicity, and cell function. Using high content imaging platforms and laser confocal microscopy he has developed in vitro and ex vivo assays for intracellular trafficking, endocytosis, angiogenesis, ROS, wound healing, NETosis, nuclear membrane breakdown, bile efflux, mitochondrial potential, heavy metal uptake and toxicity, and much more.

His recent work has focused heavily on building 3D organoid and multi-physiological-system (MPS) models for safety and tox endpoints. He has been a member of SBI2 since 2015 and finds it to be an invaluable resource for networking and keeping up with the latest HCS advances and technology.